Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

It is a Human Resource solution for an ongoing need for talent, like customer service associates, IT services, or call center staff, that has a similar and consistent skill set. It is an excellent solution for companies that run large volume recruitment projects with tight deadlines on new product launches, seasonal works, or staffing for large events.

So why choose Northern Lights HR for your RPO needs?

Northern Lights HR is highly-specialized in RPO solutions that work with you for your next recruitment project. We have effective and efficient methods in talent acquisitions, candidate selections, onboarding processes, and developing contracts and documentation for all hires coming from us.

RPO is project-based and an excellent solution for cost-effective, efficient HR to manage repetitive and ongoing recruitment challenges. RPO works to free your internal resources and team for them to work on other important business projects.

For RPO to be successful, it has to come from open dialogues and excellent collaboration with our team and yours. Once everything is set for a recruitment project, we begin working immediately to hire the most suitable candidate for your available job post.

All these are done within the RPO Hiring Matrix and reported on a regular basis to ensure the success of every recruitment projects initiated between you and our company.