Consulting Solutions

Northern Lights Human Resources is more than just outsourcing your HR. We are a part of your business and you are a part of us.

However, human resources should not keep you distracted in running your business. Northern Lights offers consultation with all types of businesses. Whether you are in the agricultural sector, the public service sector, or even a small or medium business, we have the right HR solution for your company.

We offer the following HR consulting services:
  • Constructing your Job Descriptions – job seekers look at the job description first. Having a comprehensive one would convince them to apply for it.
  • Creating Referencing Templates – this template should help you get the right hire without any recruitment caveats.
  • Coaching on how to handle interviews – we can help you formulate questions that should bring out the applicant’s true character and understand who they are.
  • Formulating a Candidate Profile and Talent Pipeline – it is where we help you determine the qualities, skills, and expertise required in a vacant job position plus develop schemes to have talents ready for promotion after retirement.
  • Templates on Performance Appraisal for your Employees – it is helping you set up productivity rates through appraising performances on a regulated schedule. It’s all about making your employees grow at the same time as your business.
Other services for your existing employee(s):
  • Handling Exit Interviews
  • Engagement and Retention Programming for Employees
  • Formulating Employee Policies
  • Formulating New Hire Onboarding Processes
  • Compensation and Benefit Services

All our services are given to our clients, no matter how great or small you can be. It is always our aim to have the right hire and talents suitable for the given job positions.