Contract-to-Hire & Temporary Staffing

Northern Lights Human Resources is experienced in handling temporary staffing for your company, in any type of industry.

Short-term or contract staffing is not a rare situation in many companies around Canada. While this may not be a common scenario in the HR industry, this is most tedious for many companies. A target number of heads for a short time could become impossible. This issue is something Northern Lights has conquered in recruitment and human resource systems.

We are working with our clients in aligning contracts for short-term employments, alongside a temporary workforce on RPO talent solutions, and construct them within the business’ plans, values, and goals.

Experience in the industry and the technologies possessed by Northern Lights HR is what makes us a stand-out in the recruitment process outsourcing field. All our services, including payroll and back-end management, are customizable to suit every client’s needs.

Starting up the temporary staffing solutions is easy. After you have placed all your requirements for short-term talents and skill requirements, we do our job right away. We immediately provide unique tasks that suit your recruitment needs.

After recruitment, most RPOs do not support temporary employees. With Northern Lights HR, we treat every temporary hire we have as our employees. Though they may be working in your office, we take care of their onboarding process, assess them, and provide the payroll. We ensure all workforce provided to you are competent enough to do seasonal labor for your company.

You can contact us here for a quote on your temporary staffing needs.