Best Place to Put a Logo on a Custom Polo Shirt for Brand Recognition

Polo Shirt

Where to place the logo?

People often ask where is the perfect place to put a logo on a custom hoodies or in a polo shirt. The placing of a logo is important. It’s vital that you find a perfect place to put it. There are few locations where logos are perfect to be placed namely: on the left or right chest, on the sleeve at the back and the yoke. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, but its best to let your customer decide as to where they want the logo to be placed and that is when you proceed in putting the logo on their shirt.

Positions in placing the logo:

Embroidered logo on the left chest

This place or position is often the best choice for most companies that require uniforms for their employees. An embroidered logo placed on the left chest area is very visible and can be easily seen by anyone who looks at you or talks to you so it adds up the exposure of your company.

You can check on some popular companies and most of them place their logos on the left part of the chest. It is a highly fine and very classic way of exposing the logo of your company since it is very visible.

Embroidered logo on the right chest

Embroidered logo on the right side is partly just the same with placing the logo on the left side of the chest but it is not as popular as the logo placed on the left side. However, placing the logo on the right side can be considered as a tricky way to attract people to look at the logo of your company because it is unusual or not very popular.

Embroidered logo at the back

Some companies place their logo at the back because for them it is a great choice and way of drawing attention to the people. For them placing a big logo at the back whenever there are conferences or events that their company attends, then it is the best place to put big logos at the back because for them it catches people’s attention and it is unique.

If a company is doing such, like placing a big logo at the back then it will be very ideal to use screen printing for this because they will spend much if it will be embroidered. If the company is just using it for everyday uniform for their employees, then embroidered small logos are best to use.

Embroidered logo on the sleeve

For a catchy approach in placing your logo, you can place your logo on the sleeve of a polo shirt or custom t-shirts. Placing logos on the sleeve are not as mainstream as logs places on the left side of the shirt but placing it on the sleeve made people embrace it and consider it to be very fashionable.

Usually, these shirts or polos having their logo embroidered or printed on sleeves are used by companies to have the shirt as a giveaway gift where the receiver is not very necessary to be an employee of the company but can be friends or company’s sponsors or gifts for their loyal customers.

Having it that way gives you a unique and free way to advertise your company in such way that people don’t really notice it that in some way, your company is advertising your brand through placing your logo on the sleeve.

Logos below the back of the collar

Placing your company’s logo at the back of the collar is less noticeable and it can be used by companies to not have a strong way of approach to people. Placing your logo on polos or custom t-shirts are already a way of advertising your company since they are worn by your employees on an everyday basis so you need to be very keen on doing so.

Having your logos on shirts are a good way or trick to advertising your company or brand but you have to be very keen in doing so because since they are worn by your employees. They are somewhat considered a walking advertiser of your brand. So, your employees should act decently and professionally because they are an example of a product of your company.